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Examples of project capabilities:

Oil Spill Cleanup

Clean Properties routinely addresses the cleanup of basement oil spills.  We have worked directly for property insurance companies and for property owners.  We are skillful in filing insurance claims on behalf of property owners as well as in managing liabilities for the most favorable outcome for our clients.  Clean Properties is fully equipped with specialized excavating machines used in basements, called vacuum excavators.  Its staff is adept at installing foundation supports so that projects proceed in a relatively seamless manner. 

Ms Berger’s environmental microbiology and engineering training and experience enables Clean Properties to effectively determine where bioremediation will succeed and we custom design bioremediation approaches to optimize outcome.

Chlorinated Solvent Cleanup

Subsurface chlorinated solvent remediation poses numerous technical challenges and is an area of specialty for Clean Properties.  We are particularly experienced and innovative in addressing vapor intrusion, which poses indoor air health concerns.  We measure relative air pressures and sub-floor and indoor air vapor concentrations.  We also perform health risk assessment calculations.  As needed, we install systems to prevent vapor entrance to buildings.  Cleaning technologies can entail vapor extraction, bioremediation, oxidation and excavation.  We find many ways to minimize costs to obtain most favorable results.

Chapter 21E Property Assessment

Clean Properties staff have conducted hundreds of site assessments primarily in Massachusetts.  We have represented the interests of numerous banks some of which are now part of larger banks, such as Bank North, Bank of Boston, Bay Bank, Citizens Bank, and Framingham Savings Bank.  Clean Properties is conservative and systematic in its approach to assessing properties.  We go beyond ASTM requirements, obtaining where possible a complete land use history of each property, and otherwise proceeding off the beaten path as necessary for the protection of potential buyers and their financing institutions. 

Municipal Infrastructure

Clean Properties staff have extensive experience working on municipal water and wastewater engineering and stormwater system inspection projects in varying capacities.  District and municipality examples in Massachusetts include Upper Blackstone, South Essex, Haverhill, Dracut, New Bedford, Metro-Boston, Lincoln, Tewksbury and Billerica, and Woburn.  Clean Properties staff have also worked on stormwater quality testing and many landfill closure monitoring projects throughout Massachusetts.