Why Use Clean Properties

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Why Use Clean Properties?

Optimizing site cleanup efforts requires a staff with many years of experience, and the ability to innovate and analyze data. Clean Properties’ personnel capabilities include specialists in all of the following:

-water and wastewater engineering including know how of how to design treatment systems to clean contaminated groundwater, soil and indoor air;

-hydrogeology which is the study of how groundwater flows beneath the ground surface;

-environmental microbiology including in depth knowledge of microbial metabolic transformations of contaminants in groundwater;

-landscape architecture provides a high level of practical know how for site operation planning;

-evaluating human health risk and determining site-specific cleanup needs (Method 3 risk assessment).

-geology, which is the study of rocks and soil.

Clean Properties’ staff is well established having mostly all worked together for over a decade. We have many standard operating procedures and report templates; your dollars are better spent on Clean Properties’ working out your site-specific needs.

Clean Properties does most of its work seamlessly in-house as opposed to subcontracting which incurs administrative and markup costs, and can result in project delays. Seasoned site developers and lending institutions know this, and such entities comprise much of our client base; over 3000 environmental projects completed to date, and counting.