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Environmental cleanup can come with a pretty steep price tag, but don't worry, there are ways to lessen the blow to your wallet. There are governmental programs and legislation that can help support the cost of cleanup, and Clean Properties wants to help you get access to them wherever possible.



Environmental Forensics

Cleaning up environmental contamination can be costly, but you may not have to bear that price alone. If it can be proved that there are other potentially responsible parties, then they are legally required to help foot the bill. Environmental forensics is all about determining a contaminants source to determine the legally responsible party and Clean Properties has plenty of experience at sleuthing out the truth.

Brownfield Tax Credits

Massachusetts something called the Brownfield's Tax Credit Program, which is meant to help with the economic redevelopment and remediation of contaminated properties. This credit can cover a fair portion of the costs of cleanup and if your site qualifies, Clean Properties will do everything it can to ensure you get your reimbursement.


Seamless In-House Service

Clean Properties does most of its work seamlessly in-house as opposed to subcontracting which incurs administrative and markup costs, and can result in project delays. Seasoned site developers and lending institutions know this, and such entities comprise much of our client base.


Cost Effective Services

Our experience enables us to easily predict the optimal, site-specific solution, while minimizing unnecessary and expensive testing.