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Our Services

The Job-from Start to Finish

What sets Clean Properties apart is the complete service it offers: from performing initial site assessment to cleaning up contamination, as well as cost recovery and management, and all the steps in between—We’ll do it all. When you have an environmental problem, we'll make it our problem and we’ll do the rest.

ASTM Property Assessment

Property assessment is important legally and financially. If you sell your property and later contamination of any kind is found there, you want to be able to prove that you weren’t responsible for it. Clean Properties has conducted hundreds of site assessments on the behalf of banks, industries, and buyers relative to properties all around Massachusetts and New England, assembling comprehensive reports on property history and chemical use to provide protection for potential buyers.

Clean Properties is also experienced in performing Property Condition Assessment to evaluate likely major maintenance costs in the foreseeable future. 

Oil Spills—Basements, Groundwater, and Soils

Oils and other petroleum-based products are the grease that keeps the gears of modern society running; but they have no place in soils, groundwater, or air. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop these chemicals from going where they aren’t wanted—storage tanks leak, barrels tip over, pipelines burst—it’s unavoidable. It takes more than throwing down some soap, water, and a good scrubbing to deal with these kinds of messes; it takes testing, monitoring, excavation treatment, and, of course, a mountain of paperwork. Luckily, Clean Properties has exactly the experience required to clean up the mess from start to finish with as little disruption to you as possible.

Chlorinated Solvent Cleanup

Chlorinated solvents are a common environmental hazard for industrial businesses and beyond.  They get into the groundwater through spills and waste then spread out with the water. This is a problem because these chemicals convert into gases very easily, which builds up under floors and seeps into buildings causing a dangerous health hazard for anyone inside.

Clean Properties has decades of experience in dealing with these chemicals. From installing systems to prevent the indoor build up of gas to employing methods to clean up the contamination underground, Clean Properties specializes in tackling the whole problem while keeping costs to a minimum.

Storage Tank Removal

Underground Storage tanks, such as fuel tanks, may be no longer needed or otherwise out of use and need to be removed. Clean Properties is fully capable of overseeing such removals as well as the follow-up testing to ensure no hazardous leaks occurred, and clean up of any leaks if necessary.

Assessment Risk

A spill of hazardous material may not always be as bad as you think. Every situation is different and we are experienced with the regulatory standards for evaluating their risk. There’s no need to make mountain out of molehills, let us help you make sure you’re not doing more than you have to.

Monitoring and Modeling-Air, Water, and Soil

Since contamination often spreads underground, it can be hard to grasp how big the problem is. It can be very hard to clean up contamination if you don’t know where it is, where its going, or even where its coming from! Let us help you get the answers to these questions so we can help you get the mess cleaned up.

Municipal Infrastructure and Developments

Clean Properties has experience serving as a resident engineer for all kinds of projects: construction inspection, field operations oversight, and record drawing preparations. Whether your property is contaminated or clean, Clean Properties can assist you to identify and optimize your demolition and soil management requirements. From small scale construction to major municipal water systems, give us a call. We may be just the engineer you’re looking for.

Storm Water Inspection

It is important to keep storm water systems, in good working condition. Otherwise, you get flooding and leaking of chemicals such as oil into your yard or rivers and streams, and that’s no good for anyone. Clean Properties has plenty of experience with the inspection and maintenance of such systems.

Title V Septic Inspections

Performing Title V inspections of a Septic System are important to ensuring and documenting the good working condition of the system. Clean Properties' staff and Professional Engineer are experts at performing such inspections as well as handling all aspects from the paperwork to arranging the pumpout of the system.