environmental sensing technologies

Our sensors can be installed in a wide range of outdoor locations to collect real time environmental data like soil moisture, water flow, temperature, air quality, humidity, turbidity. The data is transmitted via an antenna to local networks and then published to a cloud based dashboard customized according to our customer’s requirements. The software tool kit we use can be programmed to monitor for certain conditions which when met can trigger events like turning mechanical equipment on or off. Clean Properties Engineering has years of experience planning, developing and installing the sensors, software and hardware that make up these systems.

Environmental sensor planning

environmental sensor planning

The first step in planning a sensor network is to identify what environmental conditions require sensing, the degree of sensitivity, data collection frequency and what events might need to be triggered if certain conditions are met. Based on these requirements we select and recommend the sensors that will work best.  From there we map out the local area networks closest to the sensor installed locations and recommend antennas best suited to relay the data to the software dashboard.

installation and training

After the sensor plan is approved we install, test and configure the hardware, set up the transmission feeds, configure cloud based dashboard according to customer’s requirements, and train staff on how to monitor sensor data and prepare reports.

Sensor Monitoring

sensor maintenance and support

Clean Properties provides regular maintance and support to installed sensor networks which includes hardware and software upgrades, antenna fine tuning, battery replacement, and general trouble shooting.