hazardous waste cleanup | remediation

Clean Properties provides Hazardous Materials Services for demolition, renovation and construction projects. We examine the potentially hazardous materials, then identify and classify them according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. Once we know what we’re dealing with the materials can be transported and recycled, treated or safely disposed of.

petroleum products remediation

petroleum products remediation

Oils and other petroleum based products are the grease that keeps the gears of modern society running; but they have no place in soils, groundwater, or air. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop these chemicals from going where they aren’t wanted—storage tanks leak, barrels tip over, pipelines burst—it’s unavoidable. It takes more than throwing down some soap, water, and a good scrubbing to deal with these kinds of messes; it takes testing, monitoring, excavation treatment, and, of course, a mountain of paperwork. Luckily, Clean Properties Engineering has exactly the experience required to clean up the mess from start to finish with as little disruption to you as possible.

underground storage tank removal/closure

Underground Storage tanks, such as fuel tanks,  that used up their lifespan may be no longer needed or otherwise out of use and need to be removed. Clean Properties Engineering is fully capable of overseeing such removals as well as the follow-up testing to ensure no hazardous leaks occurred, and clean up of any leaks if necessary.

storage tank pull


Clean Properties applies its environmental microbiology expertise to removing petroleum and chlorinated hydrocarbons from the environment using a facultative blend of bacteria which work under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. As disposal site conditions change, due to the breakdown of target compounds of concern like the availability of oxygen, the bacteria are capable of existing in microenvironments that are both oxygen rich and oxygen deprived. Our custom oxygen concentrating equipment accelerates the bioremediation process and usually results in significant cost savings compared with other approaches.

in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO)

ISCO is a remediation technique that can reduce contaminants in soil and groundwater using a specially formulated bacteria.

in-situ chemical oxidation
Clean Properties soil excavation

soil excavation

We have safely performed excavations in hundreds of basements and are skilled in techniques of excavating beneath and adjacent to existing structures including the ability to install structural supports.

vapor intrusion mitigation and soil vapor extraction

We worked closely with MA DEP as its telemetry approach was being developed and as a result Clean Properties was the first company to use telemetry on a sub-slab depressurization system (SSDS) in Massachusetts. Similarly we collaborated with the MA Department of Public Health on its first implementations of radon systems and have installed numerous systems, including residential and  large commercial buildings, ever since. Compared with radon, addressing underlying toxic vapors involves other considerations such as the source being more localized than radon.

vapor intrusion mitigation
analysis modeling air water soil

monitoring analysis & modeling of air, water and soil

Since contamination often spreads underground it can be hard to grasp how big the problem is. We have the experience and expertise to pinpoint where the contamination exists, where it’s going and its source as well as the methods and equipment to clean it up.

hazardous materials analysis

We have the capability to collect, analyze, classify and document hazardous materials that can be found in soil and waste water at workspaces and residences.

Hazardous materials analysis
chlorinated solvent cleanup

chlorinated solvent cleanup

Chlorinated solvents are a common environmental hazard for industrial businesses and beyond.  They get into the groundwater through spills and waste then spread out with the water. This is a problem because these chemicals convert into gases very easily, which builds up under floors and seeps into buildings causing a dangerous health hazard for anyone inside.

Clean Properties has decades of experience in dealing with these chemicals. From installing systems to prevent the indoor build up of gas to employing methods to clean up the contamination underground, Clean Properties specializes in tackling the whole problem while keeping costs to a minimum.

hazardous waste management

Clean Properties characterizes and cost efficiently manages the disposal of contaminated soil, petroleum and hazardous wastes, while also preparing required regulatory filings. Our experience includes numerous construction projects ranging in size from residential scale to major government projects involving hundreds of truck loads of soil.

hazardous waste management