stormwater system inspections & maintenance

It is important to keep storm water systems in good working condition to prevent flooding and leaking of chemicals such as oil and excess nutrients into receiving waters. Clean Properties is experienced in working with stormwater systems for a various types of commercial, multi-residential and industrial facilities. We have also mapped out stormwater systems for municipalities, city-wide and entered data into the Massachusetts Geographical Information System.

commercial stormwater_system_testing_services

commercial stormwater system services

Clean Properties performs regular periodic inspection and reporting of the condition of stormwater systems.  We can evaluate how sediment is accumulating in catch basins and other system components and make recommendations for maintenance schedules and identify future inspection needs.  We also perform nutrient testing, having capability to perform tests at our offices to thereby evaluate how effectively systems prevent nutrients from overloading receiving streams.  We also can perform the actual maintenance work as needed.

municipal stormwater system services

Clean Properties services the needs of municipalities in complying with evolving regulatory requirements for water quality and flood protection.  We have conducted city-wide stormwater system condition evaluations and mapped out systems for entry to the Massachusetts Geographical Information System.  We have also conducted city-wide illicit connection studies and water quality studies in both freshwater and coastal waters.

municipal stormwater system services