septic (title 5) and wastewater treatment system services

Clean Properties performs wastewater treatment facilities and septic system inspections and conducts repair work on a design-build basis.  We service residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal properties. 

Our applicable certifications include: Licensed Title 5 Inspector, Licensed Wastewater Treatment Operator Grade 6 (covers domestic and industrial wastewater) Licensed Professional Sanitary Engineer, License Construction Supervisor, Licensed Hoisting Engineer and Registered Sanitarian.

septic system Inspections

system inspections

Our Massachusetts Title 5 Septic System and licensed waste water treatment operator (Grade 6) inspections variously include obtaining and evaluating past construction and inspection and instrument monitoring records, physically locating underground system components, excavating to access manways, pumping out tanks, conducting visual/video system inspections and reporting.  We conduct repair work as needed. We also perform investigations and case presentations for municipal hearings concerning onsite waste water disposal concerns. We are experienced with a wide array of treatment systems.

preventative maintenance plans for commercial and residential

Failing to properly maintain a septic system can be a costly mistake and a good septic system plan will ensure that your system is healthy and works as expected.  Our septic system plan will tell you how frequently it needs to be pumped out, what additives and the  amounts and how frequently they should be added,  and if necessary recommend changes to your landscaping and drainage system to ensure the system will work properly.

sewer-preventative- maintenance

wastewater treatment monitoring

We have the capability to set up and implement strategic monitoring plans to evaluate impacts of wastewater disposal and industry on surface water quality. We have portable GC equipment enabling us to test for chlorinated organic compounds in the parts per billion range in real time! We also have full microscopic capabilities and can test for physical parameters such as temperature, pH, conductivity, alkalinity, and perform field tests for chloride and nutrients such as nitrates and sample for bacteria and for soluble metals and other chemicals. We can also perform pipe inspections and trace pipelines using video inspection equipment. We have performed a number of town-wide and focused surface water quality studies and evaluated surface water at numerous hazardous waste sites.